Mark Strüb has happily called Austin home for 10 whole years. While that doesn’t make him a native, he feels it gives him sufficient rights to the popular Austinite catch-phrase “I remember when…” In addition to talking about the unpaved used car lot that gave way to Whole Foods' World Headquarters, he enjoys Alamo Drafthouse, dining outdoors, shopping and traveling. But nothing brings Mark greater joy than spending quality time with his 5 year old son, Jack, at their home in Hyde Park. Mark has a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from UT and makes his living helping people buy and sell homes.


May 1, 2010

Professional Past, Present + Future

I own a growing Residential Real Estate company here in Austin. In addition to being both the top producing REALTOR and managing broker, my main focus is on strategic planning and growth- which includes recruiting and training REALTORS to serve Austin under my broker license but, more importantly, under the STRÜB philosophy and brand. My objective is to transition the company to a sustainable model that will provide a secure foundation from which I can pursue several other interests. Those interests include law school, media production and elected public office. Ultimately, I would like to serve as a US Senator.

At the age of 17, I had what I like to call a moment of clarity while literally digging ditches in the Phoenix summer sun after having dropped out of high school a year earlier. My life was not on the trajectory that I had imagined as a child. Education would lead me back. For the next 10 years, I would work full time while battling to earn my college degree via community college and ultimately the University of Texas at Austin. At the pinnacle of that struggle, I found myself juggling two full time jobs (including REALTOR), 15 hours at UT, an infant son and my 80 year old home in a state of extreme DIY renovation.

This drive and ambition can be recognized in earlier stages of my professional development. Whatever I was given to do, I did it with creativity and zeal. When hired as a retail clerk, I achieved my way to Senior Management. When hired as an insurance administrator, I climbed my way to Business Analyst. When awakened to the possibilities of a career in real estate during the process of buying my first home, I knew that I had tapped into something special- a place where I could thrive and create my own destiny while helping others realize theirs.

Today, I shape the real estate community in Austin by setting a high bar for myself and my über agents. These standards contribute to a noticeably different real estate transaction compared to what many have expected, feared or experienced before. These values are the primary factor in my firm’s ability to post fiscal gains even during this current downturn, and I believe this service first philosophy will gain critical mass and become the pervading culture for the way real estate gets done in Austin.

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