Mark Strüb has happily called Austin home for 10 whole years. While that doesn’t make him a native, he feels it gives him sufficient rights to the popular Austinite catch-phrase “I remember when…” In addition to talking about the unpaved used car lot that gave way to Whole Foods' World Headquarters, he enjoys Alamo Drafthouse, dining outdoors, shopping and traveling. But nothing brings Mark greater joy than spending quality time with his 5 year old son, Jack, at their home in Hyde Park. Mark has a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from UT and makes his living helping people buy and sell homes.


May 31, 2010

MEMORIAL :: My überBrother, Morgan

Morgan Strüb was a catalyst for uniting people in ways that produce interactions greater than the sum of their parts. Morgan was an early pioneer in the concept of Web 2.0 and social media. Via the internet he gathered families from across the globe to celebrate their common bonds. He connected travelers to share inspiration and resources. Out of Morgan’s passion for getting off the beaten path to connect with people in unique and unconventional ways, DIGIHITCH.com was born. The premier hitchhiking site on the web (top search result after wikipedia), it has received millions of hits from its more than 18000 registered members, plus countless other visitors who appreciate it as a hub for hitchhikers and a portal for adventurers of all kinds.

Beyond digihitch.com, Morgan served many others from all walks of life as an effective and prolific webmaster. It could never be told how many lasting friendships have begun on his pages, or how many lives have been improved as a result of his creations.

Morgan Strub was a beloved husband, brother, son, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend who died on March 28, 2010 at his home in Phoenix, Arizona. He had learned only 9 months earlier that his increasingly dibilitating pain was being caused by the rare form of cancer that would ultimately end his life, Nueroblastoma. His strength and spirit has profoundly inspired all who have encountered Morgan on the road and web or were personally there to support him in his fight (notes and eulogies). He leaves a legacy of writings and internet creations that will shape the online and travel communities for generations to come.

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